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About Thrutu

Thrutu lets you share all kinds of information and media while you're on a call - at the touch of a button, and without disrupting the conversation. Click here to learn more about how Thrutu is changing the conversation.

What are Thrutu buttons?

Thrutu buttons are plugins for the Thrutu client that users can launch during a call to share information or interact with each other. For example sending a file to the other phone, or launching a shared application (such as a map or game) that both users can interact with.

The Thrutu client comes with a default set of built-in buttons, but you can create extra buttons for users to install and use. Users can install these buttons through the Thrutu client, and re-arrange them so they can easily access the buttons they use most.

Through this site you can develop your own buttons and make them available for download by Thrutu users.

Why develop Thrutu buttons?

Developing buttons for Thrutu is fun and easy and enriches the Thrutu experience for everyone. Whether you have an existing application that you want to make easily available during a call, or an idea for a great new way of interacting during calls, Thrutu handles all the legwork of getting messages between the two clients, leaving you to focus on actually writing your button.

Want to get started?

See the developer documentation for detailed tutorials on developing Thrutu buttons, as well as a full reference on the Thrutu API.

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